ICST research laboratories are located at four different poles: Nice/Sophia Antipolis, Montpellier, Grenoble et Lille. They comprises around 50 permanent researchers and technical assistants from CNRS, l'INSERM, CEA and Universities of NIce-Sophia Antipolis, Montpellier, Grenoble and Lille.


Laboratory of Molecular PhysioMedicine headed by Jacques Barhanin

Team Cardioprotection: physiological and genetical aspects headed by Stéphanie Barrère-Lemaire et Matteo Mangoni

Team Cellular dynamics of neuronal calcium channels and physiopathology of nociception  headed by Emmanuel Bourinet

Emerging team Neuron imaging & calcium channels headed by  Marco Canepari

Team Calcium channels: functions and pathologies  headed by Michel De Waard

Equipe Development of innovative therapeutical strategies for depression and stroke treatment headed by Catherine Heurteaux

Team Renovascular physiopathology headed by Eric Honoré

Team Molecular mechanisms of regeneration headed by Chris Jopling

Team Molecular physiology and physiopathology of ion channels headed by Florian Lesage

Team Canaux ioniques et douleur headed by Eric Lingueglia

Team Calcium channels, structure-function and channelopathies headed by Philippe Lory

Team Molecular and cellular physiopathology of Na+ channels and neuronal excitability headed by Massimo Mantegazza

Laboratory of cellular physiology headed by Natalia Prevarskaya

Team New families of ion channels headed by François Rassendren

Team Biology of ion channels headed by Guillaume Sandoz

Channels group headed by Michel Vivaudou