24th Ion Channel Meeting - ICST Awards



ICST supports the Association des Canaux Ioniques (French Ion Channel Association) and its annual meeting.

The ICST awards were given to:

Daniel TRAN for his oral presentation entitled "Role in symbioisis of medicago root hair mecanosensitive mlsls channels and clcs anion transporters" and Rémi PEYRONNET for his oral presentation entitled "Mechanoprotection by polycystins against apoptosis is mediated through the opening of stretch-activated K2P channels

Poster award to Viviane LAINE for her oral presentation entitled "Functional properties of two gain-of-function mutants of egl19, which encodes the alpha1 subunit of the L-type Ca2+ channels in C. elegans", and Chaymae EL ALAOUI for her oral presentation entitled "Study of the anticonvulsant and antiepileptic activities of medicinal plant extracts in a zebrafish seizure model and their effect on T-type calcium channel activity".


From left to right: Rémi Peyronnet, Chaymae El Alaoui, Viviane Lainé et Daniel Tran between Guillaume Sandoz and Eric Boué-Grabot co-président of the organizing committe of the 24th Ion Channel Meeting. 


Date : 
September 15, 2013 - 18:00 to September 18, 2013 - 13:00